West End Festival 2016

It is that time of year when the jacarandas are getting ready to bloom and when the streets of West End arthumbnail_img_0105e preparing to burst into that riot of colour that is the West End Festival.

Between October 22 and 29, Boundary Street will come alive with a week-long program, starting with the Kurilpa Derby, when Boundary Street is closed for cars and a cavalcade of bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs and carts take over, sharing Boundary Street with dancers and strollers and prams.

West End Community House, which manages the Kurilpa Kiosk in the small park opposite the goanna (aka People’s Park), sees the upcoming festival as a wonderful opportunity to use this space to showcase the diversity and vibrancy of West End.

Robin Taubenfeld of West End Community House says the park will come alive during the festival with a week-long program of activities, forums, happenings and pop-ups.

The West End Festival People’s Park program will highlight the work of local community groups already using the Peoples Park and the Kurilpa Kiosk, including the Sovereign Women United, Community Friends, Food Not Bombs, West End Create program and West End Community House.

Events for the Peoples Park program include community forums on public housing, social inclusion, public space, mental health issues and local politics, as well as yarning circles  and local history tours.

Community art planned include a 4101 artists exhibition and a week-long community art project. As well, there will be craft workshops, include dressmaking, beading and costume-making, and singing and songwriting workshops, Tai Chi, and cups of tea and chats.

A host of musicians will perform including: Dame Beryl & Her Misfits, the Whoopee Do Crew, Rod Tyson Band, Electric Shock Rock & Roll Therapy, Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys, Micah & Place to Belong Music Groups, Transformers Choir, as well as open mic sessions.

It is an ambitious program, and Robin Taubenfeld says help is needed to make it a success. People wishing to get involved are needed for stage management, prop designing and prop making, administrative tasks, supporting artists, running workshops, helping with  promotion, personing the fort, making cups of tea and having chats.

For more info on how to get involved contact Robin Taubenfeld at Community House  (which has temporarily moved to the Sussex Street Uniting Church).




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