Evan Whitton Tribute


Dr John Jiggens – My Tribute to Evan Whitton

Evan Whitton has died at the age of 90 after a journalistic career spanning several decades, five Gold Walkley awards and expossés of some of the country’s most insidious institutionalised police corruption.
Quentin Dempster, who presented the NSW edition of the 7.30 report for many years, spoke about Evan Whitton whom he got to know in the press box during the Fitzgerald Inquiry in Queensland.
Dempster said: “He saw the role of the journalist was to expose intellectual dishonesty.
“The virtue was for him was his pursuit of the truth.”
The interview with Quentin Dempster, was intercut with an interview of Evan Whitton, speaking in 2009 for a Sydney Living Museums project called Sin City, about the role of Fred Krahe in the murders of Det Sgt Don Ferguson at NSW police Headquarters, Shirley Briffman and Donald Mackay.,

Dr John Jiggens: Cracking corruption with the late Evan Whitton on Community Newsroom
Evan Whitton “came late to journalism,” says award-winning Australian journalist Quentin Dempster, “and through his career and other great works that he did he commanded the brief”. Evan Whitton has died at the age of 90 after a journalistic

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