Killer Cop

The killer cop and the murder of Donald Mackay
by Dr John Jiggens

Frank Nugan was a banker who had the power to make money disappear. His financial trickery lay behind the Nugan Hand Bank.

Fred Krahe was the Frightener, an ex-detective who had the power to make people disappear. He was the killer cop.

Donald Mackay was murdered to protect an enormous secret. In The killer cop and the murder of Donald Mackay, historian Dr John Jiggens reveals that secret.

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“Here is a book so rich in character and plot, it would make a great crime fiction thriller but for one important fact – it’s all true.”  – Tony Reeves, Mr Sin

“For those of my vintage who call Sydney home, names such as Donald Mackay, Nugan Hand Bank, Juanita Nielsen, Premier Bob Askin and Murray Riley were regularly in our conversation. 25 years later John Jiggens makes sense of so many of the disconnected stories of my youth. This book joins the dots on the scandal and crimes we read about and lived through.” – Lee Rhiannon, MLC

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2 comments on “Killer Cop
  1. gordon Semmler says:

    I am making this enquiry on behalf of a friend. He would like to know if the book “The Man Who Knew Too Much” is available, he is interested in both books. I can only find ” the Cop Killer and the Murder of Donald Mackay”

  2. Michelle Fowler says:

    I ordered the Killer Cop book for my mother Joy Fowler around 21.10.17 (thru Pay Pal) and this has not arrived as yet and I have not received an update on the delivery.
    Could you please advise on this


    Michelle Fowler

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